Azimio la Umoja Coalition Strong and United, Raila Odinga Dismisses Reports of Division

Lamu County; In a resolute stand against swirling rumors of internal strife within the Azimio la Umoja Coalition, leader Raila Odinga emphatically refuted claims of divisions, asserting that the opposition alliance remains strong and united. Odinga dismissed the reports as false, alleging that they are merely intended to sow seeds of discord and anxiety within the coalition.

Addressing the media during his visit to Lamu County, Odinga unequivocally stated, “Nobody has left Azimio. Azimio remains intact except for a few members of parliament who decided to take a walk. But the leadership of Azimio is intact.” He went on to emphasize that the coalition’s leaders are still aligned in their objectives and are working cohesively towards a common goal.

Dispelling any notion of dissension or disagreement within Azimio la Umoja, the former Prime Minister reiterated, “There is no dissension, and there is no disagreement anywhere in Azimio.” Odinga sought to reassure the public and supporters that the coalition stands firm, with its core leadership unwavering in their commitment to the cause.

Raila Odinga, who was in Lamu County to promote his party, the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM), took the opportunity to address the ongoing speculations surrounding the coalition’s unity. He labeled the reports as sensationalist and urged the public to reject what he deemed as baseless and unfounded claims.

“Azimio coalition is not collapsing anytime soon. We don’t want the media to spread unnecessary and irresponsible propaganda,” Odinga asserted, emphasizing the need for responsible reporting and discouraging the dissemination of misleading information.

The Azimio la Umoja Coalition has been a key player in the political landscape, and Odinga’s reassurance comes at a crucial juncture when unity and stability within the opposition alliance are paramount. The coalition, formed with the aim of presenting a formidable front against political opponents, has faced its fair share of challenges, but Odinga’s recent statements aim to quell any doubts regarding its cohesiveness.

While acknowledging that a few members of parliament may have chosen to distance themselves from the coalition, Odinga underscored that the core leadership remains intact. He urged the public not to be swayed by what he termed as “unnecessary and irresponsible propaganda,” emphasizing the coalition’s commitment to its shared vision.

Odinga’s visit to Lamu County served not only as a platform to address the alleged divisions within Azimio la Umoja but also as an opportunity to rally support for the Orange Democratic Movement. The seasoned politician remains a prominent figure in Kenyan politics, and his words carry weight, especially when addressing matters of coalition unity.

As the political landscape in Kenya continues to evolve, the Azimio la Umoja Coalition, under the leadership of Raila Odinga, remains steadfast in its pursuit of common objectives. Odinga’s emphatic dismissal of reports of division serves as a clarion call for unity within the coalition, sending a message that the alliance is resolute and undeterred in the face of external challenges.


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