Nigerian National Arrested at JKIA in Connection with Brutal Killing in Roysambu Apartment

In a significant breakthrough in the investigation into the heinous murder of a 20-year-old woman in Roysambu, a Nigerian national has been apprehended at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) based on a tip-off from vigilant members of the public.

The suspect, considered a key figure in the ongoing murder probe, was identified by several Kenyan citizens at the airport who believed him to resemble the individual captured in CCTV footage released by the police. The footage depicted the suspect entering a mini-supermarket along TRM Drive, where he collected the key for the short-term rental house linked to the crime. Notably, the suspect had taken measures to conceal his identity, wearing a cap that partially obscured his face in the video.

Chilling CCTV footage captures a man suspected of committing a heinous crime in Roysambu, raising concerns about safety.

Acting swiftly on the public tip-off, law enforcement officers apprehended the suspect, who was reportedly on the verge of boarding a flight destined for Abuja. Following his arrest, he was transported to Kasarani Police Station for questioning alongside two other individuals suspected of involvement in the brutal murder.

However, there are conflicting reports about the subsequent events, as the arrested suspect was allegedly taken to an undisclosed location shortly after arriving at the police station. A detective close to the investigation acknowledged the foreign nationality of the suspect but emphasized that confirmation of his connection to the murder was still pending further investigation.

“The suspect is a foreigner, but officers are yet to establish whether he is the suspect in the murder of the woman or not. Investigations are still ongoing,” revealed a source within the police force.

The assailant reportedly used a hacksaw to carry out the gruesome murder inside the bathroom of the rented accommodation. Initial findings suggest that there was no sign of a struggle at the crime scene, leading investigators to believe that the victim may have been lured and possibly drugged before the fatal assault.

In a chilling revelation, the police disclosed that the victim’s body had been dismembered, with pieces found in a polythene bag, while her head remained missing. Neighbors of the rental property were initially taken in for questioning following the incident to aid the investigation but were later released.

On Tuesday, the family of the deceased positively identified the victim’s dismembered body through the clothing she wore on the night of the tragedy. Detectives informed the grieving family that a fingerprint analysis would be crucial to conclusively establish the identity of the victim.

As authorities delve deeper into the case, the motive behind the murder remains unclear. The Nigerian national in custody is at the center of the investigation, though his definitive connection to the crime is yet to be established. The public awaits further updates as law enforcement agencies diligently work to bring justice to the victim and her grieving family.


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