MP Salasya Hospitalized: Scuffle Leads to Arrest and Hospital Stay

Mumias East Member of Parliament (MP) Peter Salasya finds himself in the midst of controversy, being hospitalized just days after spending a night in custody. The incident leading to his arrest occurred during a burial in Maraba village, Mumia East constituency, where he allegedly assaulted Makunga Member of County Assembly (MCA) Peter Indimuli.

Salasya’s official Facebook page shared a statement revealing his current health condition, stating, “Honourable Peter Salasya is currently not feeling well. Please pray for him. It’s not well with him.” This hospitalization follows his arrest for reportedly attacking Indimuli at the burial ceremony.

The altercation began when Indimuli requested Salasya to observe family decorum in his speech. However, the situation escalated as the MP shouted down the MCA and proceeded to physically assault him with slaps and blows. The police report indicated that the MP’s bodyguards fired gunshots shortly after the fracas, adding a layer of intensity to the incident.

The aftermath saw a section of MCAs condemning Salasya’s actions and urging swift investigations by security agencies. Majority leader Philip Maina emphasized the need for mutual respect between MPs and MCAs, stating, “We want to tell MPs in general that MCAs have no war with them, and they should respect us.”

He further condemned Salasya’s actions, asserting that MCAs, like MPs, have been elected and deserve respect. The incident prompted calls for a meeting among MCAs to address the issue and seek a resolution.

This event is not isolated, as tensions between different levels of leadership have been a recurring theme in Kenyan politics. The demand for respectful communication and adherence to decorum within political circles remains a priority for maintaining a harmonious working relationship among elected officials.

Salasya’s hospitalization adds a new dimension to the unfolding drama, prompting concerns about his well-being. The timing, immediately following his arrest and the physical altercation with Indimuli, raises questions about the potential impact of these events on the MP’s health.

As the investigation into the incident progresses, it remains to be seen how the political landscape in Mumias East will be affected. The call for dialogue and respect among leaders echoes a broader sentiment within the political sphere, emphasizing the importance of professionalism and decorum in public engagements.

This incident also serves as a reminder of the responsibilities that come with public office and the expectations placed on elected officials to uphold the dignity of their positions. The outcome of the investigations and any subsequent legal actions will likely shape the narrative surrounding Salasya’s conduct and its implications for his political career.


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