Esther Musila Exposes Woman Alleging Her Singer Husband Plays Cards Outside Marriage

Esther Musila, the wife of singer Guardian Angel, has narrated an incident she encountered when some anonymous woman claiming to be a politician tried to challenge her that her husband cheats on her.

Sharing a video clip on her social media pages, Esther Musila, audibly reading the message she was sent, revealed that she has sufficient evidence to prove that Guardian Angel has been playing strings guitar outside their marriage.

Photo: Esther Musila Enjoying Moments With Husband Guardian Angel

“You seem to be a respectable, humble, sane, God-fearing and loving woman. Have you recently suspected your man of being with another woman? I think you don’t deserve this.” She revealed.

The said woman in the picture, claiming to be a member of parliament in the EALA parliament further added that she has access to CCTV footage that would surely convince Esther Musila.

“I own a celebrity house and therefore have access to CCTV footage and M-PESA payments. I hope this will be between me and you.” Musila read out loudly.

According to the anonymous woman, she had Guardian Angel’s M-PESA transaction messages which she says the singer oftentimes whenever they have their feet stepping in a VIP guest room to have some special dinner with the fellow cheat.

Mrs Musila being firm on her trust, told the woman that she would never be shepherding a man given her 53 years of age. The mother of three, even acknowledged that she frees her toy husband to make decisions on his own without setting for him boundaries.

Photo: Esther Musila In her Extreme Happy Mood

In the end, the woman, convincingly sounding like a fraudster, asked for a penny for the little information she leaked out to Mrs Musila.

“During the conversation, he was telling me “You know, this is not fair to you”.

I told him, “I am 53 years old, I will never follow a man. Whatever he wants to do, he can do it. There is nothing I can stop. He himself has no need to worry.”

However, Mrs. Musila, as any caring wife would do, revealed she silently did her investigations, especially on the M-PESA transaction messages alleged on her husband. She eventually shared her findings, saying the claims were all false.

How would you react to matters like that, if you were Esther Musila?


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