Pastor Kanyari Reverses Contributions Sent to Him to Aid Sister’s Send-off

Famous pastor Victor Kanyari of the Salvation Healing Ministry Church has disclosed that he reversed all the contributions channeled to his account to aid in the burial of his sister Starlet Wahu who succumbed mysteriously in the past few days.

Making it publicly clear, the cleric revealed that his closest friends and relatives had begun giving out their contributions for the funeral, to help him manage the expenses they thought he would incur for the ceremony, but he reversed it all to the respective senders.

Photo/Courtesy: Starlet Wahu

According to him, not even a single cent did they take from the contributions.

“I told my mum that she was dead and never coming back and we should bury her. We didn’t want people to contribute money for us, and even when they sent me money, I reversed it,” said Kanyari.

Instead, he added that his pockets were fat enough to sustain the needed expenses.

“I didn’t want people to contribute because of my sister; I funded the whole ceremony.”

Further explaining why they had to take a hasty step to lay down to rest Mrs. Wahu, the pastor candidly said he feared embracing embarrassments he had started receiving from the media and the general public which eagerly tried to dig deeper to learn about the transpiration of the tragic demise of his sister.

Wahu was buried at the family home in Kamulu, on January 6, 2023, and the ceremony was only attended by 20 people, according to the cleric.


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