Traits Of An Ex Who Is Not Over You

You may start spotting certain changes in the behaviors of your ex which may probably mean that they aren’t over you. Your guts may also tell you that they want you back but they are not expressing their emotions. The following are some of the signs indicating that your ex still loves you:

Shows strong emotions.

You ex may show good or bad strong emotions. They may tell you that they hate you but it may be originating from the pain they are experiencing after losing you. Ask yourself, why would someone waste their hatred on you?

Being unpredictable.

Your ex may act cold sometimes and the other time hot. They can talk to you today and then stop all of a sudden and later talk to you after few weeks. This means that they are trying to get over you but the love they have for you is overwhelming.

Show off on social media.

Your ex may start unusual posting on the social media. They may be trying to hurt and show you that they are doing fine without you. They may also post some quotes that are directed to you. This means they are thinking about you.

Making efforts to make you jealous.

They may post photos in which they are posing with the opposite sex or even with a man or a woman they are aware that you dislike. They may also start flirting with people when you are around. Additionally , they may disclose to you how happy they are after finding love again.

New dates make them unhappy.

This happens when your ex starts dating immediately after breakup. They pour all the pain to their new dates and all over sudden they start quarreling. Their new dates may also hate you because your ex keeps on bringing your name in every subject they are tackling.

Major events and continued habits.

Your ex may continue acting as if you are still dating. They may wish you goodnight everyday, update you on their personal details and plans, asking for emotional support and even surprising you on your birthday.

Reminding you on the special memories you shared.

Your ex may start talking about the good memories you shared when you were dating. This means that they are still thinking about you and they regret falling out with you.

Frequent unexplained calls.

Your ex may call you almost all the time with no reason. They may give excuses in order to keep talking to you.

Drunk texts and calls.

They may call you while drunk in the middle of the night. This means that you are the first person they remembered and they are thinking about you.

Always bumping into you.

If you keep colliding with each other on your way or in places you used to visit together, then your ex is not over you. Your ex may also develop a habit of passing near your house so that they can bump into you.

Chatting and sticking around for long.

Your ex can start having a long conversation with you immediately after you have met accidentally. They may also do this through text messages and social media handles.

Keeping in touch with your loved ones.

Your ex may continue talking to your relatives and even friends after your breakup. They may ask them about you and how you are fairing. This means that they still care for you.

Dating becomes optional to them.

Your ex may decide not to move on anytime soon after your split. This is because they are still hurting and thinking about you.

Enquiring on your current love life.

They may start acting concerned by your current partner. Additionally, they may hate him or her for no reason.

Holding on your stuffs.

Your ex may also withhold your stuffs and refuse to return them. They may retain them since they still have feelings for you.

Analyze your ex’s behavior carefully and interpret how they feel about you. However, their behavior may not mean that they want you back.


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