KRG The Don Hits Back At Kwambox Over Elsa Majimbo’s Remarks

Kenyan dancehall musician KRG The Don has hit back at Kiss FM presenter Sheila Kwamboka aka Kwambox over her remarks on the artist paying US-based comedian Elsa Majimbo to renounce her Kenyan citizenship.

Via a viral video, the artist ranted on the presenter attacking him live on air. He noted that he wasn’t ready to exchange words with the radio queen as they were friends and he respects her. However, he jokingly threatened to deal with the presenter using the Kisii community “traditional method.”

“Kwa sasa, wacha nipigie watu Kisii tufanye kinyumbani,” KRG remarked.

Previously, the artist had called out Elsa for demeaning Kenya after the comedian promised to pay a handsome amount to anyone who would produce her audio declaring his hatred towards Kenya. The “Mambo Imechemka” hitmaker expressed his willingness to pay the young chess champion a whooping amount of Sh.760Million to nullify her Kenyan citizenship. Additionally, he noted that the comedian’s recent financial success has been catalyzing her pride as Kenya is the best country globally.

“I want to pay this young blood Ksh760 million to cease being Kenyan coz She made small and silly money and thought Kenya as a country is a disgrace to her. Kenya is the best country in the entire world if you make the right move,” he said.

However, the artist’s remarks evoked a wild reaction from the media personality who decided to throw shades at him as she defended Elsa. During her Breakfast Show, Kwambox stressed that the artist’s offer would never stress the comedian. According to her, KRG is probably a number plate that Elsa’s father once had.

The media personality showered the comedian with praises as she noted that Elsa is a renowned star who only associates with celebrities like Beyonce. She asked netizens to accept the fact that Elsa is a winner and everyone just lost everything.


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