Eric Omondi and Wife Eventually Show Daughter’s Face at Ksh 50k Million

Kenya’s comedian turned activist Eric Omondi has finally unveiled his daughter’s face at a cost worth Ksh. 50k Million, just as he had made it clear before that he would only show his daughter Kyla’s face to those who meet the condition

On Thursday, November 23rd, 2023, the funnyman together with his wife Lynne, proudly took to their social media handles telling their fan base that their bundle of joy Kyla Hailey was named a brand ambassador of a Nairobi-based Baby Shop which probably met the condition Eric set.

“💃❤️Official brand ambassador at 4months,” Lynne Said.

Eric on the other hand said, “Kuna Mtu Amefika Bei!!! Kuna Bazuuu Amewalipia muone PRINCESS🥰🥰❤😍…This Thursday at 10 am @kyla.omondi @l.y.nn.e 👶👶👼👼👼.”

Photo: Eric Omondi’s Facebook Post

Upon the completion of signing a lucrative new contract, the Eric family shared a glimpse of their 4-month-old baby Kyla Hailey Omondi’s visage.

The mother of the princess, Lynne, could not suppress her excitement and further expressed how much the ambassadorial brand job baby Kyla just landed on, means for the family of Eric.

She added.

“KYLA❤️. You’re soooo perfect and adorable mama. Literally the best thing that has ever happened in mummy and daddy’s lives. We love you soooo much❤️. Lemme know in the comments who you think kyla looks like😄😄.”

Earlier in August, the generous man Mr Eric, boldly admitted that he would not hesitate to unveil his daughter’s face if anyone meets the demand to pay ksh 50k million for the challenge.

Exclusively speaking to Radio Jambo in an interview, the comedian made it crystal clear that his decision has nothing to do with personal interest, but only making sure he remains smart in sourcing funds to help the needy and the vulnerable in society.

Photo: Eric Omondi and Wife Lynne

“Kuona sura ya mtoto wangu itakuwa ni pesa nyingi sana, ili niifichue sura ya mtoto wangu nipewe shilingi milioni 50. Atakayenipa hizo pesa hata iwe gazeti utaziona hapo. Uso wa mtoto wangu ni mgumu sana kuona…Ninachanga pesa kusaidia watu. Ndio, kuona uso wa mtoto wangu, unatoa 50k namsaidia kijana. Saa hii ni ujanja tu, lazima tusurvive. Ni kubaya.” He said


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