Kenyan Artists Who Have Switched From Gospel To Secular Music And Vice Versa Over The Years

Some Kenyan musicians appear to be unpredictable due to their frequent change in music industry. Others have moved from gospel to secular, secular to gospel and back to secular. Below are Kenyan musicians who have switched their music industry over the years:

Kevin Bahati.

Credits: Kevin Bahati.

Bahati alias Mtoto wa Mama is a former gospel singer who moved to secular music. The ‘Barua’ hitmaker has been releasing secular songs but he has never clarified on his choice of music production. The father of five have been receiving pressure from his former colleagues to find his way back to the gospel music industry.

Willy Paul alias Pozze.

Credits: Willy Paul.

Wilson Abubakar Radido alias Willy Pozze is a Kenyan musician and a songwriter. The ‘Sitolia’ hitmaker featuring Gloria Muliro moved from the gospel music industry some years back. Bwana Mkunaji has been producing secular songs which have been shaking the waves of social media. The ‘Toto’ hitmaker has always based his exit on the hypocritical nature of Kenyan gospel artists. At one point, he claimed that these artists are always quick to judge others yet they aren’t righteous.

Linet Munyali aka Size 8.

Credits:Size 8.

Linet Munyali who is also known as Size 8 Reborn is a Kenyan gospel artist who is married to DJ Moh. The ‘Shamba boy’ hitmaker moved to gospel music industry in 2013 and released a song dubbed as ‘Mateke’. Apart from moving to gospel music production, the mother of two was ordained as pastor and has since then been serving God’s flock.



Cecilia Wairimu alias Amani got her way out of secular music industry and gave his life to Christ in 2018. The ‘Kiboko Changu’ hitmaker later released gospel songs which includes ‘My God’ and ‘Upendo’.


Credits:Collins Majale.

Collins Majale alias Collo left the secular music industry six years ago. He is a former member of Kleptomaniax music group. He later released a gospel banger dubbed as ‘Bazokizo’ featuring Bruz Newton.

Wahu Kagwi.

Credits:Wahu Kagwi.

The ‘sitishiki’ hitmaker turned to gospel music in 2012 and released a song known as ‘Sifa’. Later on, she released a love song dubbed as ‘Back it up’ featuring her husband Nameless. A year ago in one of the interviews with Massawe Japanni, the mother of three declared that she didn’t prefer to be defined as a gospel or secular artist but as an artist who creates good and positive contents.


Credits: David Ngibuini.

Davidson Ngibuini alias DNG is a former Switch TV presenter and musician. In the music industry, he kept on moving from secular to gospel and forth. He released ‘Samehewa’ as his first gospel song. In 2022, he joined politics and vied for Member Of County Assembly seat at Woodley ward in Nairobi county.



Juliani moved from secular to gospel and back to secular music production. In 2014, he featured Amani in a gospel song dubbed as ‘Inanitosha”. The father of two is currently married to Lilian Ng’ang’a, ex-wife to governor Alfred Mutua.


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