Four Linked to Quick Mart SH 94 Million Theft Arrested

Four men have been arrested in different parts of Nairobi in connection with the theft of cash in transit by known Wells Fargo employees on November 6, and Sh9 million recovered by DCI sleuths.

According to the DCI, their dragnet led them to the Rongai region, where the first suspect was arrested. 

“Ismael Patrick Gitonga is believed to be the driver and accomplice who ferried Wells Fargo crew Mugetha, Nduiki and the stolen Sh94,918,750 from the company truck in South C using his Toyota Fielder Reg number. KBM 751W. 

The hawkshaws extended their investigations to the Njiru area in Kayole where they traced the motor vehicle in the hands of Michael Matoro Njeru and Samuel Onyango, who were ambushed with hands-on tools modifying the vehicle for concealment. The two were equally cuffed and the vehicle detained,” said the investigative agency in a statement issued on their official social media page.

Ksh. 9.1 million recovered by DCI as investigations heighten

Moments after a brief interrogation, detectives returned to a spot near the Thika Road Mall in Roysambu, where the 4th suspect, Martin Nderi Ng’ang’a – was arrested. He led the detectives to his rented house still in Roysambu, where a search therein saw the robbery of Sh9.1 million in cash.

After apprehending the four suspects, the investigators went to a forest near Gataka Market in Karen, where they recovered the cash box used to transport the stolen money. Detectives believe that the suspects met in the forest, where the loot was shared before each of them risked his or her life to avoid the long arm of the law.


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