Brown Mauzo Parades New Bae

Artist Brown Mauzo has embarked on a new love journey barely a year after separating with socialite Vera Sidika. The musician affirmed his turn by flaunting his new found love on his social media.

The father of five shared a video of a gorgeous yellow yellow babe dubbed as Kabinga Jr on his instastories as he expressed his feelings in the caption. Mauzo indicated that Kabinga came in his life when he had lost hope in loving again and loved him like never before. Referring to her as the “Angel”, the musician made it known that the young lady brought life back in him when had already lost everything.

“I don’t know where I would be without your love, you came when I had lost hope of loving. You make me feel alive. You are my angle I crown you the queen of my heart @kabinga_jr”, the caption read.

Credits: Mauzo’s Instagram.

In yet another post, Mauzo shared his snap alongside Kabinga as they held each other affectionately. The two showcased the true definition of newly found happiness as he commended her for loving him. The artist disclosed that his love towards the new bae was unconditional as he loved her like he had never loved again.

Credits: Mauzo’s Instagram.

A few days ago the singer clarified on his intentions of marrying his new sweetheart. He expressed deep emotional connection with Kabinga which is a sign of commitment beyond casual dating. The artist further praised the lady who doubles as his best friend for his commendable traits. He also promised to walk down the aisle and make a permanent union with her.

“My goal is to build with you, grow with you, and marry you. I’m not dating to waste time. I see everything I want in you, my love Chiiiiiiii,” Mauzo claimed.

Mauzo and Sidika parted ways in August after a mutual decision between them. However, the artist was the first one to break the news to their fans. Currently the duo seem to be fairing well as they have already moved on with new lovers.


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