How To Tell If You Will Fall and Dwell in Love with Someone For Ages

No one would love to find true love and let it slip away soonest. It’s everyone’s dream to find genuine love and avoid heartbreak. In fact, if there were a selling point where singles would gather to conduct screenings on fate of every relationship they risk falling fall in, the entire universe would converge, leaving no space for even a pin drop.

But lucky are you to go through this piece, because it details a computational algorithm that determines how well you can tell that you match with each other in terms of your personality and what you are looking for in a potential partner. It further highlights a few ways to know if you can fall in and dwell in that love for ages.

Here are a few ways to forecast if you’ll fall, and stay in love with someone for years or even till death do you part, based on independent research:

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Reciprocating Liking

A long-lasting love is built on the foundation of liking each other. That means love is a two-way traffic, and commitment must be generated from both parties. In layman’s terms, when the other person is attracted to you or likes you, that can increase your own liking.


This is basically the sense of shared sets of beliefs, culture and norms, as well as spirituality, among other things. This cuts across the similarity of personality traits as well as ways of thinking.

Desirable characteristics

These refer to physical appearances that is found desirable. Some people have certain morphological desires that interest them upon seeing them in their dream partners. For instance, some people dream to have tall/short, chubby or petite, etcetera, kind of partners. Should he or she find a partner who contains their desirable characteristics, then it might determine the length to which their love would go.

Social influence

The potential union satisfying general social norms and acceptance of the potential union within one’s social network can contribute to people falling in love. Or, if a union does not satisfy general social norms or is not accepted by one’s social network, this can result in people falling out of love.

Filling needs 

If a person can fulfill needs for companionship, love, intimacy, or mating, there is a greater chance that the other person will fall in love with him or her.

These are just a few factors. However, numerous of these factors that determine whether people should connect romantically are circumstantial. They are born and bred by how people behave in courtships and relationships. I hope this was of great insight to you.


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