Embakasi Robbery Ends in Tragedy: Residents Seek Justice

In a tragic incident at Nyama Villa Estate in Embakasi Central, a female trader lost her life after being brutally stabbed during a robbery attempt. Eyewitnesses and police reports suggest that as she was leaving her residence early in the morning, she was ambushed by three attackers who arrived on a motorcycle.

The assailants repeatedly stabbed the woman during their heinous act. But, showing immense courage, even after being wounded and robbed, she fought back, managing to alert the local community. This brave act led to a frantic chase, with the culprits trying to make a quick getaway while she lay in a critical condition, bleeding heavily.

Coming to the aid of the situation, a group of local motorcycle taxi riders, commonly known as bodaboda riders, sprang into action. They strategically blocked the route of the fleeing criminals, which resulted in damage to their motorbikes and threw the attackers into disarray.

In the chaos that ensued, one of the criminals was apprehended by the local residents. The anger of the community was evident, as they meted out vigilante justice, fatally assaulting the captured assailant and subsequently setting his body and motorbike ablaze. The other two culprits, however, found a window of opportunity and managed to escape. By the time the law enforcement officers from the Kayole Police Station arrived, they were left with the grim task of transporting the charred remains to the local mortuary.

Tragically, the courageous trader did not survive her grievous injuries and passed away while she was being urgently transported to Mama Lucy Hospital.

In a related incident in the Shauri Moyo region of Nairobi, a group of robbers encountered trouble during their illicit activities. Early on a Wednesday morning, as they broke into a private residence, they were startled when the inhabitants sounded the alarm around 5 am. The subsequent pursuit saw the involvement of patrolling police officers. In his desperation to evade capture, one of the robbers dropped a loaded Glock pistol while making his escape towards the nearby Majengo slums. Preliminary investigations by the police identified him as a former convict, and they are currently working tirelessly to locate him. The firearm is under forensic examination to determine if it has any connection to past crimes.

In response to these escalating crime incidents, Nairobi’s Chief of Police, Adamson Bungei, made a public statement emphasizing the increased police presence on the streets. The objective is to tackle the audacious gangs causing fear among the local populace. Bungei also made an earnest plea, urging the citizens to form a collaborative front with the police force, ensuring a safer environment by promptly reporting suspicious activities and assisting in curbing crime in the affected regions.


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