Akuku Danger Narrates His Lifetime Struggle With A Killer Disease

Comedian and content creator Mannerson Oduor Ochieng alias Akuku Danger has narrated his long time struggle with chronic disease of sickle cell anemia.

In an interview at Iko Nini podcast, the comedian explained his battles with the deadly disease since he turned seven years of age. His parents struggled to raise his hospital bills to an extent of doctors advising them to give up and let the young man die.

In one of the experiences in Migori, the medics asked Akuku’s parents to stop wasting their money on him and instead use it to prepare for his funeral as his time on earth was over. However, they chose to hold on to faith and believed that their son would live longer than the doctors claimed.

“Kuna places mingi sana tumewai ambiwa huyu mtoto wako huyu hatapita 18 years old, by the time anafika 18 atakua amepass. Kuna ata time manze nko mgonjwa hivi vibaya sana nimelala hapa kwa kitanda mamangu ndo huyu hapa anaambiwa huyu hakuna kitu tunawezafanya, rudini tu nyumbani angoje time. That was in Migori,” he stated.

Akuku also reminisced his encounter at one of Nairobi based hospital where the medics advised his parents against his admission at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). They claimed that the comedian was a walking dead and there was no need of admitting him. Instead, they asked his parents to use the bill money for other projects as they prepare for his burial.

The 33-year-old content creator advised couples to always conduct a test on their blood groups before deciding to sire kids. He revealed that he is not ready to bring forth kids who will suffer like he has experienced in his life. Akuku indicated that when the time is right, he will visit a medical center alongside his long-term girlfriend, actress Sandra Dacha, where they will get tested before siring any kid.

“No matter how much I love her if she is a carrier ama kama blood group yake ni positive I can’t have a baby with her. Itabidi tu contraceptives nini nini but I wouldn’t want to bring another child in this earth with the same condition as mine because bro it’s tough,” the comedian said.


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