“I am On Therapy”, Akothee Says All Is Not Well With Her, As Omosh’s Social Media Account Vanishes

Esther Akoth, better known by her stage name Akothee, a popular Kenyan artist, has revealed that she is unhappy after discovering the truth about certain developments in her private life.

The artist opened up on her official social media pages that she has been undergoing therapy to heal from this painful ordeal that left her heartbroken and losing the meaning of life.

“I have come out of a very dangerous zone, and I have been healing in private. I am on my 2nd month of therapy. The trauma I went through after finding out the truth & some ugly stuff that left me shaking  I went days without food & no sleep, questioning and answering myself. It has been very heavy 🙏 some days. A night will just break into a day with me looking outside the window, guessing at nothing🤔, said Akothee in a long post.

According to her, she was lost, was in a bad state, and had to part with a lot of money to move to a better state of mind as she had lost appetite.

“I was in a bad state of mind that got me part with 50,000 ksh per hour for an hour session with the first therapist. ,I was shaking and losing energy, appetite, sleep,sleep panic attacks, and even motivation to do things I loved to do 🙏. I had become emotionally unstable, and I couldn’t put a finger on it. I never knew about Emotional abuse until I started therapy,” added the mother of five.

Akothee whith her husband, Denis Schweizer, during their wedding.

The Sweet Love hitmaker, however, did not disclose the reason for the heartbreak, but a source says his estranged husband’s social media page had disappeared, raising eyebrows among the netizens.

Akothee and her husband tied the knot in April in a memorable wedding this year and promised to plan a new wedding overseas, but it never materialized, a development that raised questions among the netizens about their love life.


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