Moses Kuria Responds to Kenya’s Fuel Price Outcry

Moses Kuria, the Cabinet Secretary for the Ministry of Investment, Trade, and Industries, addressed concerns over soaring fuel prices during his visit to Eldoret. He pointed out that the global increase in crude oil prices is the primary reason for the surge in domestic fuel costs. Responding to public outcry, Kuria sardonically suggested that those unsatisfied should consider digging their own oil wells. He even stated that if anyone had their own oil well, he would be ready to initiate the digging process the very next day.

The Kenyan populace has been vocally frustrated, especially after recent announcements of unprecedented fuel prices. CS Kuria had previously forewarned citizens about the expected price hikes over the upcoming five months. He attributed the predicted rise to the global increase in crude oil prices. He further stated that Kenyans should anticipate a monthly increment of Sh10 in fuel prices until February.

For the first time in the nation’s history, fuel prices in Kenya surpassed the Sh200 mark. The Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority, in its latest assessment, increased the rates of various fuel types. Specifically, Super Petrol went up by Sh16.96, Diesel by Sh21.32, and Kerosene by Sh33.13. Consequently, the new prices per litre in Nairobi will be Sh211.64 for Super Petrol, Sh201 for Diesel, and Sh202.13 for Kerosene. Notably, these prices had been static for the preceding two months.

This significant escalation is partly due to the government’s decision to eliminate fuel subsidies. The government emphasized its commitment to letting market dynamics determine fuel prices within the country.


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