Nadia Mukami And Wakavinye Unveil Brand New Machines

The entertainment industry is counting a double blessings after musician Nadia Mukami and comedian Njugush’s wife, Celestine Ndinda alias Wakavinye, unveiling new Range Rovers.

The duo separately shared the breaking news to the world through their social media handles. Wakavinye posted her new beast as she expressed her gratitude to God for making it all happen. In her Facebook post, the content creator indicated that her hardwork had finally paid off.

“Well done Celestine. I deserve this and so much more! Thank you God for this dream that is now a reality”, Wakavinye wrote.

Credits: Celestine’s Facebook.

The “Maombi” hitmaker posted snaps of her posing infront of her new monster. She also shared a video showcasing her driving skills as she took the machine for a test drive. Additionally, the artist took the opportunity to thank God for the great milestone.

“Ata mimi nimejoin the Range Club! Isn’t God amazing. Heri ulie kwenye…..” the Instagram caption read.

Credits: Mukami’s Instagram.

The two superwomen have now joined the list of East African celebrities who owns Range Rover.


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