Ringtone Gives Reason for Not Yet Marrying Despite Being a Multimillionaire

Famous Ringtone Alex Apoko has let the cat out of the bucket, revealing why he has still remained on the streets despite having sufficient millions to manage a family life.

Speaking in an interview with entertainment Journalist Mungai Eve, the singer said he is still in a dilemma of love; confused on who to trust with his heart. The man of God revealed without hesitation, that he has a full bus of girlfriends to select upon adding that his selection is still in progress.

“I have many girlfriends, when I finish my selection I will be able to tell you the girl I will choose.” He said.

While still addressing about his decision not to kick off serving family life, Ringtone also told fans why he is still scared about siring children. Among the possible million reasons Mr Apoko could site, the singer listed ‘fear of raising children in environment of suffering’ as his main reason for not deciding to start bringing children into this world.

“Yes, I’m afraid, I’m very afraid of bringing children into the world who will go through hardships like mine, and I’m very afraid.” He added.

But when the time to father new lives shall reach, the controversial artist said he’d love to make her woman go to maternity seven times; to give rise to seven children.


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