Rayvanny Takes Crowd into Amusement, Reveals He is Flirting On Zuchu

The all-time young Bongo star, Rayvanny left crowd cracking ribs during his amicable performance he had at the previous weekend. In the event dubbed Wasafi Festival 2023, Rayvanny together with Bongo queen Zuchu happened to share the same stage causing unforgeable drama.

When it was Rayvanny’s turn to roam on stage, Zuchu magnetically joined upon hearing the sweet lines of the song ‘Number One’ which is a collaboration of the duo released about three years ago.

Upon taking her attractive brownish body beside the performer Rayvanny, Zuchu seductively bent in front of Rayvanny and slowly but surely began to ramble her thinner waist almost against Rayvanny’s most sensitive ‘body part’

As if he sensed, Rayvanny immediately exploited his habitual creativity into his performance; coming up with his own syllables where he eventually emphasized his fear for pursuing Zuchu due to Diamond’s presence in Zuchu’s heart.

“Penzi limetaradadi, napepewa. Harufu ya marashi rashi. Nikitouch gusa shingoni. Hii! Uvae baibui kanga. Viatu vya kuchuchumia kangaroo.. Ningekuja kwa nyuma, ila Simba atakuja nivunja miguu,” Rayvanny sang.

It was all because of the aforementioned stanza that fans got into tears of joy completing wondering what Rayvanny meant.


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