Akothee Reminisces Bitter Past, Regrets Failing Her Parents

Flamboyant musician and businesswoman Esther Akoth aka Akothee has reminisced her bitter past where she dropped out of school as a teenager in order to get married.

Via her Facebook page, the mother of five shared a series of snaps showcasing her previous highschool signage. In her caption, she regretted dropping out of Nyabisawa Girl’s Highschool as the act really disappointed her parents. The vocal artist questioned her previous decision as she no longer saw marriage as important as she thought.

“This is the school I dumped at the age of 14 running to become a wife 🤔

Everytime I pass by here on my way to THIM LICH ,I feel soo bad on why I had to hurt my Parents this much . Kwani what was there in marriage at 14? Ni nini ilikuwa inanisumbua hata🤔,” the caption read in part.

Credits: Akothee’s Facebook.

Despite her success, Madam Boss have always regretted quiting school at such a tender age. She recently admitted to chasing clout after lying to her fans that she was pursuing a course at a local university yet she is a highschool dropout. The self-proclaimed president of single mothers have always bragged about her success despite her previous actions. However, she warned her fans against taking her as a role model but rather a motivation to them.

The successful businesswoman have been unlucky in finding love as she has previously experienced six failed relationships. Akothee is currently in her seventh affair in which she has vowed to keep it off social media due to personal reasons.


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