Diamond Platnumz Faces Copyright Battle Over “Enjoy” Song

The East African music industry has been rocked by a recent copyright dispute involving Diamond Platnumz and a Congolese artist, Sampologuano Odenumz. The controversy centers around Diamond’s collaborative track with Juma Jux, titled “Enjoy,” which gained massive popularity within just a month of its release.

However, the song’s journey took an unexpected turn as it was abruptly removed from YouTube due to alleged copyright concerns raised by Odenumz.

Released to critical acclaim, “Enjoy” quickly became a fan favourite and garnered millions of streams on various platforms. With more than 5 million streams on Boomplay alone, the song showcased the synergy between Diamond Platnumz and Juma Jux. Unfortunately, the harmony was disrupted by Sampologuano Odenumz, who accused Diamond of incorporating melodies from his composition, “I Found Love,” without obtaining proper authorisation.

In an exclusive interview with Tanzanian media, Odenumz confirmed that he initiated the copyright claim against “Enjoy” on YouTube. He expressed his astonishment upon discovering the striking similarities between his work and the contested track.

“Yes, I copyright struck the song because it is the melody of my song ‘I Found Love’ and it was found on their song,” Odenumz stated.

Congolese artist Sampologuano Odenumz

This claim sparked a legal battle between the parties involved. In response to the allegations, Diamond Platnumz and Juma Jux reportedly took legal action against Odenumz through the music distribution company responsible for their content. The dispute quickly escalated, with both sides engaging in a war of words and legal maneuvers.

Odenumz’s efforts to communicate with Juma Jux about the issue allegedly fell on deaf ears. Frustrated and determined to protect his creative work, Odenumz filed a complaint with YouTube, resulting in the removal of the contested audio track. While the audio has been taken down, the video to the song remains accessible on the platform, for now.

In light of these developments, Diamond Platnumz’s legal team responded to the copyright claims. His lawyers emphasised that the allegations lacked substantial evidence and were based on “latent or secondary meaning.” They highlighted that the name “Amina,” used by Odenumz in his compositions, is not exclusive, making it difficult to definitively attribute the song’s melodies to Odenumz alone.

Diamond Platnumz and Juma Jux during a music video shoot

Despite the legal battles and contentious discussions, YouTube extended an olive branch by inviting both parties to engage in negotiations and seek a resolution. This gesture indicates the platform’s commitment to encouraging peaceful settlements in copyright disputes.

This incident marks a significant moment in Diamond Platnumz’s career, as it isn’t the first time he has encountered copyright-related controversies on YouTube. Last year, a similar scenario unfolded when his collaboration with Mbosso, titled “Yataniua,” faced removal from the platform due to copyright concerns.

Diamond Platnumz’s journey through the entertainment industry continues to be marked by triumphs, challenges, and the need for clear guidelines around intellectual property rights. On the brighter side, the Tanzanian music scene remains vibrant and dynamic, with artists navigating various obstacles while striving to create music that resonates with audiences worldwide.

As the legal battle rages on, fans and industry insiders are watching closely to see how this copyright dispute will be resolved and what impact it might have on future collaborations within the East African music landscape.


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