TikToker Nyako Pilot Vows To Help Brian Chira Get Off His Situation

Controversial TikToker Nyako Pilot has come out to the aid of fellow TikToker, Brian Chira, who has been having a series of issues with different personalities in Kenya.

Through a joint TikTok live session, Nyako vowed to help Chira in every way possible. She promised to help him secure a safe shelter where he will be calling a home instead of loitering everywhere. Nyako indicated that she is going to ensure that there is stability in the young TikToker’s life as he appears confused.

“We are going to start with a place to stay. So that you are stable. A stable home is the most important thing for you now. A place you call home hata kama ni room moja. But you know when I go there I’m going to have peace of mind than leo uko hapa, kesho uko pale, the next day unajipata in a chang’aa den, unaingia live, umetumiwa lions, you have friends, three days they laugh with you but when the money is gone they have disappeared. It is confusion. I want you to be stable,” Nyako said.

The TikToker also urged people to love Chira unconditionally as that is what he needs right now. Nyako also acknowledged the fact that Chira’s condition has been deteriorating day by day and that’s the main reason she decided to partner with several other TikTokers in helping him before everything turned sour.

Chira is known for using his TikTok account in throwing shades at people whenever he’s drunk. He has been trending since content creator and veteran journalist Azziad Nasenya sued him for allegedly defaming her. He was charged with sharing Azziad’s personal number to the public on a live session.

Days after he was bailed out, the TikToker didn’t learn a lesson as he insulted Lang’ata Member of Parliament, Jalang’o, in his TikTok live session. He received a lot of backlash from netizens who thought that he mends his ways even after what he experienced after crashing with Azziad.


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