Eric Omondi Reveals The Motive Behind Charging His Daughter’s Face Reveal

The self-proclaimed president of comedy Africa, Eric Omondi, has finally revealed the reason behind posing a hefty sum of money on anyone demanding to see his daughter’s face. Omondi and his lover Lynne welcomed their daughter Princess Kyla Omondi a few days ago.

Speaking in an interview at Radio Jambo, the comedian maintained that he won’t reveal Kyla’s face unless the person or brand demanding to see her pays Sh.50Million. He claimed that for one to see his daughter’s ears, nose, smile and eyes, they must pay Sh.6Million, Sh.5Million, Sh.13Million and Sh.24Million respectively. However, the new dad indicated that the amount is open for negotiation.

The funny man cleared the air on the main motive behind confiding Kyla’s face. He revealed that he is not doing it for his personal gain but for people who are going through hard times in this challenged economy. The money will be used to carter for the needs of the underprivileged in the Kenyan society.

“Ninachanga pesa kusaidia watu. Ndio, kuona uso wa mtoto wangu, unatoa 50M namsaidia kijana. Saa hii ni ujanja tu, lazima tusurvive. Ni kubaya,” the comedian said.

On numerous occasions, the comedian have engaged in philanthropic acts in the community from the onset of tough economic times. From distributing free maize flour to Statehouse protest as he demanded the government to offer employments to the young jobless generation, all these have made Kenyans to consider the funny man as their “savior”.


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