KRG The Don Advises Men Earning Less Than Sh.100K

Popular Kenyan artist, KRG The Don aka Buga, has offered a piece of advice to men earning Sh.100,000 and below. He asked them to avoid relationships at all costs until they start earning a considerable amount of money.

Speaking in an interview with YouTuber Nicholas Kioko, Buga claimed that men who make 100K per month should avoid women as such a “small” amount of money can never cater for their needs and those of their partners. Instead, such men should focus on making more money which will help them in taking care of their babes.

“Men who earn Sh.100,000 should not be in relationships. They should focus on making more money so that they can take care of their women,” he claimed.

The “Mambo Imechemka” hitmaker’s advice was criticized by a section of online users as some thought that money doesn’t define someone’s affection towards the other person. However, some backed the artist as they claimed that ladies despise men who are not financially stable.

The braggy dancehall artist is known for his tendency in humiliating other people’s ways of living especially those living in poverty. To him, people should make money because money is everything in life.


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