EACC Seeks Freeze on Wambua’s Accounts Amid Fraud Suspicions

Daniel Munywoki Wambua, an accountant at the Kenya Rural Roads Authority (KeRRA), is under investigation by the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) for suspicious financial activity. Despite earning a net monthly salary of Sh55,607, Wambua deposited over Sh21 million into an account at Equity Bank within four months, leading to suspicions of corruption. EACC, through lawyer Culent Simiyu, has filed a suit to freeze his accounts while investigations are conducted.

The EACC alleges that Wambua opened multiple accounts to hide the money and that he, along with suspected proxies, deposited the funds directly. The amounts are significantly higher than Wambua’s annual income, leading to suspicions of embezzlement of public funds, conflict of interest, and abuse of office.

The commission fears Wambua might dissipate the funds and has requested the court to freeze his accounts to preserve the wealth until its provenance can be verified. Lead investigator Mathew Ong’ondo stated that the source of Wambua’s sudden wealth remains unclear and that other properties may have been registered under his associates’ names to conceal ownership. The investigation is ongoing to determine if Wambua will face charges and possibly have the assets seized by the government.


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