Pope Francis “The Church is open to everyone, even LGBTQ”

In a significant display of his continued efforts to promote inclusivity within the Catholic Church, Pope Francis reiterated his stance that the Church is open to everyone, including LGBTQ individuals. During an in-flight press conference returning from the World Youth Day Catholic festival in Portugal, the 86-year-old pontiff addressed a range of topics, reaffirming his commitment to a more compassionate and accepting Church while remaining steadfast in adherence to its traditional teachings.

“The Church is open to everyone but there are laws that regulate life inside the church,” Pope Franci said.

The pope’s recent statements echo his long-standing efforts to bridge the gap between the Church and the LGBTQ community. While the Vatican still considers homosexual acts sinful, Pope Francis has made strides in fostering an environment of understanding and compassion. In a recent Disney+ documentary titled “The Pope: Answers,” he praised sex as a “beautiful thing” and welcomed LGBTQ individuals to the Church, acknowledging that all individuals, regardless of their sexual orientation, are children of God.

This latest press conference emphasised Pope Francis’s belief that the Church should accompany all individuals on their spiritual journeys, regardless of whether they conform to all the Church’s rules. He reiterated that there are laws within the Church that regulate certain aspects of life, including sacraments, but this does not imply a closed door. Instead, he accentuated the Church’s role as a mother, aiming to embrace everyone and nurture them in their faith.

Pope Francis is quoted to have said, “If a person is gay and seeks God and has good will, who am I to judge?” He made this statement merely four months into his papacy, underscoring his profound understanding of the significance of this specific facet of human existence.

Pope Francis during his historic visit to Africa. He toured Kenya, Uganda and Central African Republic

However, the pope’s mission to expand the Church’s inclusivity has not been without challenges. During his visit to Portugal, a Mass for LGBTQ pilgrims faced opposition from traditionalist protestors, underscoring the ongoing divide within the Church over issues of acceptance and doctrine. Despite such resistance, Pope Francis remains committed to his vision of a Church that embraces everyone, regardless of their background or identity.

These efforts align with Pope Francis’s broader initiatives to make the Church more accessible and appealing to a wider range of believers. His tenure has seen reforms that include giving more roles to women in high-ranking Vatican positions and advocating for a greater role of women within the Church’s hierarchy. Balancing these progressive changes with the expectations of more conservative members of the Church has been a challenge, but Pope Francis’s unwavering commitment to inclusivity remains at the forefront of his papacy.

Pope Francis’s approach extends beyond discussions of sexual orientation. He has also addressed the pressing issue of clergy sexual abuse, meeting with survivors during his trip to Portugal and acknowledging the need for the Church to confront abuse within its ranks. The pope’s willingness to address difficult issues head-on demonstrates his dedication to reform and healing within the Church.

Throughout the course of his visit to Portugal for World Youth Day, the pope consistently reiterated the notion that the Catholic Church welcomes everyone, even encouraging young attendees to chant “todos, todos, todos” (“everyone, everyone, everyone”) in unison.

World Youth Day 2023, Portugal

Looking ahead, Pope Francis is set to make history with his upcoming visits to Mongolia and Marseilles, France. His trip to Mongolia will mark the first-ever visit by a pope to the country, highlighting his commitment to reaching out to all corners of the world. In Marseilles, he will participate in a meeting of bishops and political leaders to shed light on the plight of migrants, reiterating his stance on the need for compassion and assistance for those in need.

However, the pope remains steadfast in upholding the canon/ecclesiastical laws of the Catholic Church, “According to the legislation, they cannot partake in (some) sacraments. This does not mean that it is closed. Each person encounters God in their own way inside the Church,” cautioned the pope.

As Pope Francis continues to navigate the complex landscape of a diverse and evolving Church, his emphasis on inclusivity and understanding remains a defining aspect of his papacy. While his efforts may face resistance from some quarters, his message of love, acceptance, and accompaniment resonates with many believers who are looking for a more compassionate and open-minded approach to their faith.


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