Bipartisan Talks on IEBC Issues Continue Unresolved

When the bipartisan talks were initiated, there was hope among Kenyans and political leaders that the issues surrounding the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) would be resolved. However, several months have passed, and there seems to be no end in sight as the Kenya Kwanza and Azimio bipartisan teams continue to engage in discussions without reaching an agreement. The lack of progress is concerning, especially as some constituencies and wards that have lost their representatives are yet to hold by-elections.

George Murugara, the co-chair of the bipartisan committee, has expressed frustration with the Azimio team’s indecisiveness and announced that they can no longer wait for them to make up their minds. Murugara stated that if Azimio wants to participate in the talks, they are prepared to have a discussion on the issues surrounding the selection panel. However, if Azimio does not show up, the panel will proceed with its work, and the remaining issues can be resolved later.

Kenya Kwanza has given Azimio a seven-day ultimatum to resume the talks or face suspension or dissolution of the bipartisan team. Murugara believes that the electoral agency selection panel is capable of carrying out its duties even without Azimio’s approval. He emphasized that they are not blackmailing or threatening anyone, but they need a response from Azimio within the given time frame.

If Azimio fails to respond, the selection panel will nominate potential IEBC commissioners and forward their names to the President for presentation to Parliament. The President will then appoint the seven-member commission through an official Gazette notice.

All attention is now focused on Otiende Amollo and his Azimio team, as they remain firm in their decision to stay out of the bipartisan talks until their demands are met.


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