Mouthwatering Salary Willis Raburu Has Been Earning Before Exiting Citizen TV

Royal Media Services (RMS) has been known for decades being a house of talents. Some of the media personalities have found their ways through international media houses via Royal Media Services, and have continued to shine their stars.

This success is attributed to the fact that, RMS employees have been receiving mouthwatering salaries, with some personalities in the RMS brand earning up to six-figure digits.
Today, one of RMS journalist Willis Raburu bid a farewell to Citizen TV after 13 years of commitment with the giant national station. This came a few days after the exit of a fellow journalist Wahiga Mwaura.

In his farewell message to Citizen TV today, Raburu thanked the entire fraternity of RMS describing the station as one that opened new adventures for him to showcase his talent. He began as an intern at the TV station before he acquired the job.

In the last 13-years, Raburu always took home with him a whopping 400,000 Kenyan shillings every month at Citizen TV. This gigantic salary didn’t just come in his pockets lazily. During his tenure, Raburu proved to be very versatile as he hosted a number of TV shows including reading news.

We take this opportunity to thank him for the great work he did with the TV station


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