Kabi Wa Jesus Puzzles Netizens After Controversial Remarks On His Sister

YouTuber Kabi Wa Jesus has puzzled netizens after he claimed that Veronica Kabi is not his biological sister despite introducing her as his sister four years ago.

Via his Instagram, the “religious” man revealed that they only share the same mother with Veronica but they have different fathers. According to him, this meant that they aren’t biologically related.

However, this is a contradiction to a statement he made four years ago while celebrating Veronica’s 16th birthday. Kabi introduced her to his online in-laws as he claimed that she is his sister.

The announcement comes days after the young lady addressed the ongoing speculations on the father of three neglecting his immediate family. Veronica revealed that Kabi has forsaken them despite taking care of his wife’s side of the family.

According to her, family members are vital in everyone’s life and people should prioritize supporting them before any other stranger that comes later in a person’s life. However, Veronica acknowledged the fact that her brother sometimes comes through to her aid when in need since she is still a student.


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