Babu Owino-Miguna Rivalry Takes New Twist

Embakasi East Member of Parliament (MP) Babu Owino has launched a rivalry against fellow lawmaker Dr Miguna Miguna, who allegedly claims that Babu Owino should be locked up for participating in the shooting of popular DJ Evolve.

This push and pull between the two renowned leaders, ignited barely two days ago following DJ Evolve’s testimony which saw Babu Owino coming clean about the murder attempt charges. While answering to the court just a day ago, crippled DJ Evolve boldly stated that he lost conscious during the moment he was shot and didn’t see Babu Owino commiting the act.

His sentiments have since then, led to a heated debate over the virtual atmosphere with Dr Miguna Miguna being one among the million Kenyans echoing their views concerning the matter.

According to Dr Miguna, DJ Evolve is rounded off powerless and is an orphaned victim as far as this matter is concerned, hinting that accused MP will eventually shut down DJ Evolve to eternity, should he find freedom.

The lawmaker further blames the criminal justice of Kenya in what he terms, a failure to protect victims against perpetrators of law. In regards to the entire long tale, Miguna Miguna has termed Babu Owino as a criminal who is out to continue commiting dirty games and now wants justice to be given to DJ Evolve.

Dr Miguna Miguna’s Facebook Post

In a kickback to Dr Miguna Miguna’s accusations, the young MP Babu Owino has asked Miguna Miguna to keep off his nose from this story, revealing that DJ Evolve’s testimony is valid and brushes his name off from the spoilt brand.

Babu Owino’s Kickback to Miguna Miguna

However, it’s crystal clear that sentiments made by these leaders are graduating to personal level which may cause further enormous uproar.

Will there be yet another episode?


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