Juliani’s Mysterious Actions on Lillian Ng’ang’a’s Birthday

In a surprising turn of events, gospel musician and human rights activist Juliani has raised eyebrows by seemingly ignoring his wife, Lilian Ng’ang’a, on her birthday. The couple, who share a child together, has left fans speculating about the state of their relationship after Juliani failed to extend birthday wishes or celebrate his wife’s special day.

Lillian, who recently became a mother, joyfully announced her birthday, expressing her excitement about it falling on her favorite day of the week.

Lillian’s Instagram stories update

“This year my birthday falls on my favourite day of the week,” read Lillian’s Instagram stories update
“hoy es mi cumpleanos (today is my birthday!)!”  she added

However, noticeably absent from her post were any heartfelt messages or gestures from her husband. Fans quickly took notice of Juliani’s lack of acknowledgment and expressed their concerns about the couple’s relationship.

Adding fuel to the fire, Juliani posted a picture of himself alongside Meghan Markle, both wearing broad smiles, further intensifying fans’ suspicions. His caption mentioning the retweets the photo had received only deepened the intrigue surrounding his actions.

“I still get updates on RTs (retweets) on this photo,” wrote Juliani on the Instagram stories update with celebrated American actress Meghan Markle

Juliani’s Instagram stories update with Meghan

The omission on Juliani’s part came shortly after Lillian seemingly ignored him on International Father’s Day. She refrained from publicly wishing him well or posting any photos of him, causing some minor buzz online. However, the combination of Lillian’s silence on Father’s Day and Juliani’s apparent disregard on her birthday has amplified speculation of trouble in paradise.

Fans and followers have been left pondering the significance of these actions, with many interpreting them as signs of underlying issues within the couple’s relationship. The lack of public acknowledgment on important occasions raises questions about the state of their marital bond and has sparked a wave of curiosity among the couple’s supporters.

Lillian has since posted a photo on her Instagram account, and, yes you guessed right, Juliani is nowhere to be found in the post’s comments.

Lillian’s evening Instagram post

As fans await any updates or explanations from Juliani and Lillian, the situation remains shrouded in mystery. Only time will reveal the truth behind these intriguing events and shed light on the dynamics between the gospel artist and his entrepreneur wife.


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