TSC Receives Significant Allocation in Education Budget

Kenya’s government, under the Kenya Kwanza administration, has allocated a significant portion of the Education docket budget to the Teachers Service Commission (TSC). As per the 2023-24 Budget, the TSC has been granted Sh316.7 billion, which accounts for half of the total allocation of Sh628.6 billion for the education sector.

In addition, the TSC has been provided with Sh4.8 billion for the recruitment of 20,000 intern teachers. Last year, the commission received Sh2.5 billion for teacher recruitment.

Nancy Macharia, the CEO of TSC, stated that the commission requires Sh2.2 billion to carry out teacher promotions across various job categories. However, the government has allocated only Sh1.1 billion for this purpose.

Macharia further explained that the commission needs Sh2.1 billion to support teacher professional development.

During her submission to the National Assembly’s Committee on Education and Research, Macharia emphasized that teacher recruitment would contribute to achieving the objectives outlined in the Bottom-up Economic Transformation Agenda.

She highlighted the multiple positive effects of intern teacher recruitment, including reducing unemployment among young people, improving the quality of education, and enhancing the living standards of households nationwide.

Overall, the Kenya Kwanza government has prioritized the Teachers Service Commission by allocating a significant share of the education budget to the commission. The allocation aims to support teacher recruitment, promotions, and professional development, with the goal of addressing the shortage of teachers and ensuring quality education for learners.


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