Kamene Goro Showcases Her Cooking Skills As She Washes Omena With Hand Wash And Disinfectant

Veteran journalist Kamene Goro has left netizens in stitches after washing omena with hand wash and a disinfectant as she showcased her cooking skills.

In a video shared on Kamene and Obinna’s YouTube channel, the former Kiss FM presenter was teaching people how to prepare omena. Oga Obinna and Kamene’s hubby, DJ Bonnez, were seated on the bench as they witnessed the “wife material” show what her mum taught her.

Kamene took a basin from her inbuilt cupboard as she filled it with hot water. The media personality added a disinfectant and a little hand wash before dipping the Omena inside.

“To get the smell so you know omena has a pungent smell so what I want us to do is to get rid of that first”, Kamene said.

Photo credits: KameneandObinna YouTube

Obinna and Bonnez watched in disbelief as they have never witnessed such before. The deejay indicated that he couldn’t consume the meal because of how it was prepared.
Kamene made it clear that the food was still safe for consumption as she has always prepared it the same way.

“I’ve done this several times. We want it clean, clean but we will rinse it after this, so it will be safe,” Kamene stated as Obinna exclaimed on the dangers associated with such a meal.

Deejay Bonez took the omena from his wife as he disclosed that Kamene has never prepared such a meal before as she stated. However, Kamene’s former co-host was curious on the new wife’s cooking skills as he urged the deejay to let her continue with whatever she was doing. Kamene continued to rub the omena before the two gentlemen got upset and took away her apron for Obinna to prepare the meal the right way.


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