Wetang’ula Receives Backing from Luhya MPs Against Impeachment

Luhya Members of Parliament (MPs) have pledged to protect National Assembly Speaker Moses Wetang’ula from an imminent impeachment motion proposed by the Azimio coalition. MPs from both the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) and Azimio coalition expressed their commitment to preventing the humiliation of Wetang’ula.

During a fund drive at Luandeti DEB Secondary School, where Wetang’ula was the guest of honor, several MPs spoke out against the impeachment motion. They emphasized that they would not allow their esteemed colleague to be intimidated and degraded.

The call for impeachment arose after Wetang’ula rejected a proposal by Azimio to remove Nominated MP Sabina Chege as their Deputy Minority Whip. The MPs, mostly from the Azimio coalition, cautioned their colleagues against moving forward with the motion, stating that they would not support it.

The approximately 20 MPs, including Emmanuel Wangwe, Innocent Mugabe, Elsie Muhanda, Oscar Nabulindo, Joseph Oyula, Martin Wanyonyi, and Dickson Maungu, among others, asserted that the motion aimed to degrade the prominent Luhya leader and the nation as a whole.

MPs John Waluke, John Chikati, Ben Shinali, and Nabii Nabwera, who hosted the gathering, characterized Wetang’ula as a fair-minded leader who did not deserve such unwarranted censure. They questioned why anyone would expect them to vote against their own regional representative.

Vihiga Senator Godfrey Osotsi hinted that Wetang’ula may have demonstrated biases in his work, urging him to emulate the impartial leadership style of former Speaker Kenneth Marende. Osotsi suggested that by being fair and unbiased, Wetang’ula would garner greater support from majority MPs, citing the upcoming debate on the divisive Finance Bill, 2023.

Waluke defended Wetang’ula, highlighting that he had received overwhelming support from MPs across the political spectrum and had displayed maturity in his role as Speaker.

Wetang’ula himself expressed his commitment to impartiality in parliamentary debates and his dedication to the interests of the Mulembe Nation. He promised to collaborate closely with MPs from western Kenya to strengthen his bargaining power and advance the aspirations of their community.

Various leaders, including George Wajackoyah, Fernandes Barasa, Ayub Savula, and Health CS Susan Nakhumicha, called for rationality and constructive dialogue during the deliberations on the controversial bill. Wetang’ula was urged to advise President William Ruto to revise the bill in line with the people’s wishes.

CS Nakhumicha defended the government’s stance, asserting that the bill, if passed, would reduce the cost of medication.


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