Juja Police Bust Illegal Distillery, Confiscate Sh300,000 Worth of Goods

On Sunday, law enforcement in Juja carried out a raid on an illicit distillery, confiscating items valued at Sh300,000. The illegal operation had taken root in a spacious four-bedroom house in Juja, functioning as a central hub for the production and storage of illegal alcoholic beverages.

The police’s intervention was prompted by reports from concerned members of the public who had noticed suspicious activities transpiring within the luxurious house. Locals had been monitoring the situation for some time, gathering evidence on the operations taking place, before ultimately alerting the authorities, who swiftly responded to the situation. A police officer commented to KTN News, stating, “This is someone’s compound, and the house contains a section specifically utilized for distilling alcohol. We have witnessed the machinery employed in the distillation process, confirming that this is indeed a makeshift factory.”

The illegally distilled alcohol was intended for sale to various bars in Juja, Gandundu, Ruiru, and neighboring areas. Among the items confiscated during the raid were alcoholic beverages, cigarettes with uncertain origins, ethanol, and citric acid.

Additionally, a Probox vehicle laden with crates filled with alcohol, presumably prepared for distribution to undisclosed markets, was impounded during the operation.


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