Deputy President Gachagua Promotes Nature, Coffee Reforms

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua took a nature walk in Meru Forest and expressed the importance of connecting with nature, stating that it stimulates fresh ideas and provides new perspectives on life. He called upon Kenyans to unite in preserving the environment and combating climate change. During his walk, he also visited coffee farms to assess their conditions.

The purpose of the DP’s visit to Meru was to attend a two-day coffee summit aimed at addressing challenges faced by coffee farmers. On the first day of the summit, he reiterated his support for the farmers in Meru. In addition, he mentioned his plans to inspect tea farms as part of an upcoming conference on Tea Subsector reforms.

Before the summit officially began, Gachagua walked through the streets of Meru county accompanied by school-going children. He described the experience as fulfilling, interacting with the children and observing hardworking Kenyans heading to school and work. He emphasized the importance of regular exercise in maintaining physical and mental fitness, leading to increased productivity.

Gachagua made a strong statement against the cartels and middlemen in the coffee sector, vowing to thoroughly address the issue and restore the dignity of Kenyan farmers. He warned those who have been exploiting farmers for personal gain that their time is up and urged them to align with the reforms or face consequences. The DP emphasized that the intended reforms aim to empower farmers to earn higher incomes by eliminating brokers and allowing them to sell their products directly.

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua’s recent activities in Meru, including a nature walk, interactions with school children, and participation in a coffee summit, reflect his commitment to environmental preservation, agricultural reforms, and the well-being of Kenyan farmers.


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