Eric Omondi And His Girlfriend Are Expecting A Bundle Of Joy As He Faces Backlash For A Controversial Statement

Comedian turned activist, Eric Omondi, and his long-time girlfriend, Lynne, have officially announced that they are expecting a bundle of joy.

On Thursday, the comedian took the news to his Instagram page and shared a series of their maternity photoshoot snaps as he expressed his gratitude to God. At the age of 41, the comedian sounded overjoyed to bear a child of his own. Omondi likened his situation to the biblical story of Sarah who patiently waited for God to bless her with her biological child.

The self-proclaimed president of comedy in Africa expressed his heartfelt appreciation to his girlfriend for bringing such a huge blessing in their lives.

“It has taken me 41 years but finally God has blessed me with my own. The Fruit of my loins. I feel like Sarah of Abraham of the Bible, she waited all her life for a child of her own. Thank you baby for making me a father. And to God thank you for returning our baby to us,” Omondi wrote.

Photo credits: Omondi’s Instagram.

Last year, the lovebirds experienced the greatest hit in their love journey after they lost their first child through miscarriage. Omondi shared a video of Lynne weakly crying besides a hospital bed. He explained that his fiancee had gone through the most trying time of her life in the past five hours as she battled to save their unborn baby.

However, Omondi claiming that he is becoming a father for the first time raised more questions among his fans as one of them enquired on the kid they allegedly sired with media personality Jackie Maribe.

“Aiiii. Erico na mtoto Wa Jackie Maribe si ni wako eti Sarah mara Abraham. My friend your seed has been around for sometime. Haki wanaume!!” Nisubiri_nisali_254 said.

Recently, the comedian flaunted a thousand shillings notes as he engaged into an online battle with former Kiss FM presenter Oga Obinna on who is richer than who. This made a fan to reach out to Maribe and enquire whether Omondi supports their kid. To everyone’s surprise, the veteran journalist revealed that she single-handedly handles all the needs of their kid.


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