Police Officer Commits Murder-Suicide in Kericho County

In a tragic incident at Sosiot trading centre in Belgut, Kericho county, a police officer identified as Constable Bernard Bilayi shot and killed his lover, Shauline Akoth, before turning the gun on himself in a murder-suicide. The incident occurred on Wednesday morning, and Bilayi, who was stationed at the Belgut sub-county headquarters as part of the Critical Infrastructure Protection Unit (CIPU), shot his girlfriend at her workplace, which was located across the street from the headquarters.

After the shooting, Bilayi returned home and took his own life by shooting himself in the chin. His lifeless body was discovered in his residence, along with the murder weapon, a G3 rifle, and a pool of blood.

The motive behind this tragic event is currently unknown, but it is the latest occurrence in a distressing trend of police officers resorting to violence and suicide. Several officers have lost their lives to suicide, often attributed to the high levels of stress associated with their work.

In response to this concerning trend, the police authorities have implemented counseling services, and the National Police Service Commission has established a dedicated unit to address the mental health needs of officers. The counseling unit will play a vital role in evaluating, designing, and leading outreach programs aimed at preventing mental health issues and substance abuse within the police force.

This incident could potentially be linked to the growing number of suicides within the police service, which are often connected to the traumatic experiences officers face on a regular basis. Dealing with distressing situations like murder and rape can take a toll on their mental well-being, and the resulting stress can also affect their immediate family members.

Efforts are being made to address these challenges and provide the necessary support to police officers who face such traumatic circumstances. Recognizing trauma as a significant factor, officials are working towards creating a healthier work environment and promoting mental health within the police force.


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