Kiambu Senator Proposes Amendment to Extend Public Holidays in Kenya

Karungo Wa Tang’wa, the Senator of Kiambu, has announced his intention to present a petition to the National Assembly in Kenya, seeking an amendment to the Public Holidays Act. The proposed amendment aims to provide Kenyans with additional days off during holidays. In a video shared on his social media platforms, Karungo suggested that if a holiday falls on a Tuesday or Thursday, it should be ratified in a particular manner.

According to Karungo’s proposal, if a holiday falls on a Tuesday, the preceding day (Monday) should also be designated as a public holiday. Similarly, if a holiday falls on a Thursday, the succeeding day (Friday) should also be considered a public holiday. These amendments are outlined in his proposed bill.

The primary motivation behind the Holiday Amendment Bill is to promote domestic tourism within Kenya. Karungo argues that by granting additional days off, individuals will have more time to prioritize their physical and mental well-being, ultimately enhancing productivity across various industries. He believes that extending public holidays will contribute to economic growth by encouraging longer trips and visits to new destinations, benefiting the hospitality and tourism sectors.

Karungo cited other countries, including the Philippines, as examples of nations that have adopted similar holiday structures. He urges Kenyans to rally their support and encourage their members of parliament and senators to endorse his proposal when it is presented to the National Assembly.

The Senator’s comments follow the recent celebration of Madaraka Day on June 1st, which likely sparked discussions on the importance of public holidays and their potential impact on the nation.


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