Kenyan President Ruto Claims Njugush and Eddie Butita Earn Higher Incomes than him

During the Kenya National Drama Festival at State House in Nairobi, President Ruto praised popular Kenyan content creators Njugush and Eddie Butita, acknowledging their success and stating that they earn more than his own salary. He commended them as outstanding artists and encouraged others to follow their example in monetizing their creative work.

The President emphasized the importance of the creative industry, highlighting its potential to provide employment opportunities for the youth. He expressed his dedication to improving the fortunes of the country’s creative sector, stressing that his government considers it a crucial component of the economy.

Furthermore, President Ruto recognized the creative industry’s role in combating social issues, such as drug abuse. He emphasized the importance of utilizing all available resources to empower young people and create a positive impact on society.

Overall, his remarks demonstrated a commitment to supporting and promoting the creative industry, encouraging other creatives to take advantage of the opportunities it offers and assuring them of his government’s support.


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