“I Asked For A Cupid He Gave Me Stupid”, Nana Owiti Gets A Cover Up Tattoo As She Rants On The Previous One

Just like Tanzanian Bongo Flava artist, Harmonize, rapper King Kaka’s wife, Nana Owiti, has made a drastic change on her body after covering up a regrettable ink she received some times back.

The celebrated media personality announced the change through her Instagram after sharing a video showcasing the whole cover up process by a tattoo guru dubbed as Bujusanii Tattoo. Owiti based her shift on people making fun of her previous tattoo as the former ink artist scribbled unidentifiable portrait.

She hilariously revealed how her daughter recently noticed her ink in which she identified the portrait as a rat. According to Owiti, the previous ink artist was supposed to tattoo a cupid only for the final result to come out as a cat or a rat.

“Some tattoo artists should be beaten thoroughly what was this even? I asked for a Cupid. He gave me stupid. Anyway, my daughter saw it the other day and she asked what that was. I asked her to take a wild guess and she said a rat,” Owiti hilariously said.

Despite the former disappointment, the rapper’s wife sought services from a reputable ink artist who agreed to fix the previous tattoo. Owiti decided to ink a cover up tattoo which portrayed a lioness and its cub. The final touch of the tattoo didn’t only look great but also marvelous.

The media personality revealed that the lioness represented soul and brain of the pride, divine feminine energy, immense power and strength both physically and mentally. She described the lioness as fierce and protective mother who is diverse in nature. The cub symbolized vulnerability, protection and maternal instincts. Owiti made it clear that she is willing to go to any depth in order to protect her family like the lioness.


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