TikToker Nyako Mad At Lulu Hassan Over ‘Shosh’ Comment About Her

Germany-based Kenyan TikToker Pilot Nyako has fiercely fired at Citizen’s news anchor Lulu hassan over the latter’s slight comment on her appearance.

The beef started when Lulu Hassan innocently inquired if Nyako is a shosh(an old lady) as she had no idea who Nyako was. The comments did not sit well with the TikToker who clapped back citing disrespect from the news anchor.

Apparently, Lulu hassan was on a livestream with popular Tv series Sultana’s actress Mwanasha Johari talking about how the actress who plays a blind girl role has risen to stardom. The Citizen’s journalist could be seen reading through the live comments alongside the actress, when she inquired about Nyako.

“Nyako ni nani? Unamjua?”┬áLulu asked before Mwanasha could be seen telling her to disregard her, “ata usimtaje.” Lulu then proceeds to ask, “Ni mshosh?” Mwansha responds quickly by, “eeeh ni shosh”.

The loud enraged Nyako responded saying this; “How does a fellow woman go around calling me a shosh? A media personality!”

“I don’t care of your position, learn to respect people!!! Wewe Lulu Hachieth utanikoma! You’re such a big public figure in Kenyan why not find out who this person is? Look for me and apologize.”

Nyako further bragged about both her kids and her citizenship in Germany, which according to her,Lulu Hassan cannot have. She went on to fan herself with money insinuating that she is way much above Lulu Hassan.

However, fans were quick to condemn Nyako,reminding her of Lulu Hassan’s unmatchable standards. Many comments insinuated that Lulu Hassan is always a well collected lady devoid of any unnecessary drama.


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