Ruto and Gachagua Contribute Sh1.5 Million to Thika AIPCA Church

President William Ruto and his deputy, Rigathi Gachagua, have generously donated Sh1.5 million to the AIPCA Church in Thika. During a Sunday service held for the retirement of Archbishop Julius Njoroge Gitau, Gachagua contributed Sh500,000, while the President contributed Sh1 million directly to church officials.

Gachagua acknowledged Gitau’s remarkable 50 years of service to the church and commended his decision to step down, emphasizing the importance of creating opportunities for the next generation of leaders. The Deputy President urged other leaders to follow in the Archbishop’s footsteps and gracefully relinquish their positions to allow fresh perspectives and leadership to emerge, emphasizing that leadership roles are temporal and should be guided by both constitutional provisions and personal conscience.

Furthermore, Gachagua took the opportunity to address retired President Uhuru Kenyatta, expressing his concern about the embarrassment some leaders from their region feel due to the actions of the respected and supported former President. He appealed to Kenyatta to consider taking a break from politics and embracing rest, just as Archbishop Gitau and other leaders have done, in order to dignify the esteemed office of the presidency.

In summary, President Ruto and Deputy Gachagua made a combined donation of Sh1.5 million to the AIPCA Church in Thika, demonstrating their support for the retirement of Archbishop Julius Njoroge Gitau and encouraging a culture of graceful leadership transitions. Additionally, Gachagua urged retired President Uhuru Kenyatta to take a rest from politics and uphold the honor of the presidential office.


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