‘You Will Be Your Parents’ Favorite If You Have Money’-Man Kush

Pastor and comedian Paul Kuria, known by his popular name, Man Kush, has called out parents who show favoritism in their dealings with their children, being hellbent to the ones with deeper pockets at the expense of their poorer siblings.

Man Kush strongly advocated for parents to treat their children equally regardless of their financial status. In a interview on TikTok, the pastor stressed on the need for parents to do away with the ‘unnecessary discrimination’ since it is never anyone’s liking to be unstable financially. He described how the habit gets worse that some parents punish innocent children borne of these poorer fellows.

“If you want your parents to be your friends on top of being your parents, attain wealth. If you don’t have money, even your children won’t be treated well. Some parents even chase away your children when your rich siblings show up. These are the types of parents we have,” he noted.

While many TikTok users could relate to Man Kush’s lamentations, sharing their personal experiences with such parents, the pastor commended parents who treated their children fairly regardless of their financial status.

“To those who embrace this principle, I salute you, and I pray that God blesses you. A wise parent treats their children equally.”Man Kush said.

Man Kush is a veteran comedian known for sharing his perspectives in matters family relations while also stirring controversies in his religious statements. He once claimed that he chases his followers who overstay in his church.


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