Anerlisa Shares The 7 Characteristics of An Unproductive Man

The 35-year-old entrepreneur Anerlisa criticized guys who are overly busy on social media in her most recent article, while also offering her Instagram followers romance advise.

Anerlisa Muigai has once again voiced her opinions on social media, this time delving into the topic of spotting “useless” men in relationships. Following her recent discussion on red flags and how to identify them, the Nero Water CEO Anerlisa took to her Instagram stories to provide valuable insights into identifying partners who she believes should be avoided at all costs.

“Saggy pants, earrings, lip licking, empty wallet, very active on social media, always available, and always likes every woman’s post or picture. Useless 100%,” warned the social media influencer.

This is not the first occasion where the 35-year-old entrepreneur has expressed her criticism towards men who excessively engage in online activities. In a previous instance, Anerlisa subtly shaded men who seem to have an incessant online presence but lack purpose. According to her, serious and focused men do not spend significant time on social media, and if they do, their level of activity is minimal.

“A serious man will not have Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat all at the same time. The most serious and focused men are not on social media and if they are, they are very inactive… At least a bigger %.” said Anerlisa.

Just a month ago, while discussing red flags in romantic relationships, the Keroche breweries heiress emphasized that these warning signs often become apparent within the first week of getting to know someone.

“Don’t ignore the Red Flags in the beginning and especially the alarming ones. Stay woke and save yourself early from wasting your time,” cautioned the self-acclaimed life coach.

Although some individuals may adeptly conceal these signs initially, they inevitably reveal themselves within a maximum of six months. Anerlisa candidly admitted her own past mistakes of disregarding these red flags in her former partners, a decision that ultimately came with a heavy cost.


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