Zari’s Emotional Open Letter to Her ‘Insecure’ Husband Sparks Controversy

Following the highly anticipated debut of Young, Famous and African, Zari Hassan, the Ugandan socialite, took to social media to express her unwavering affection for her husband, Shakib Cham Lutaaya, amidst the swirling controversy.

In a heartfelt message, Zari declared her love and loyalty to her current husband, Shakib Cham Lutaaya, while vehemently denying Diamond’s allegations that she still harbored romantic feelings for him.

This public display of affection (PDA) by the renowned Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan was her immediate public reaction to the ongoing drama that unfolded in the highly anticipated second season of Young, Famous and African, where she aimed to address the recent controversial claims made by her former lover and co-parent, Diamond Platnumz.

“To my husband … I chose you over everyone. Own it and be proud … Don’t let insecurities ruin what we have … with love, Mrs. Lutaaya,” wrote the mom of 5 on her Instastories

In a recent episode of the reality series, Diamond was heard telling his new girlfriend, Ghanaian beauty Francine Koffie, that Zari had expressed a desire to have another child with him. However, Zari vehemently refuted these allegations, emphasizing that it was Diamond who struggled to move on after their previous relationship ended. The 42-year-old socialite, who accused Diamond of attempting to sabotage her new marriage, opened up about the conflict caused by the Bongo star’s claims in her relationship with Shakib.

Zari Hassan made it clear that her relationship with Diamond would never be the same again and emphasized that she only maintains contact with him due to their shared responsibility as co-parents to their two children. Her painful response shed light on the complicated dynamics between the former couple, firmly dispelling any notions of lingering romantic sentiments.

As the story continues to unfold, fans of the reality series are eagerly awaiting further developments in this captivating and tumultuous chapter of Zari Hassan’s life.


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