Raila Odinga: Kenya Kwanza Aims to Weaken Jubilee, Recognizing Its Strength

Opposition Leader Raila Odinga has expressed his belief that the Kenya Kwanza government is deliberately seeking to weaken the Jubilee party, which is seen as a formidable force. Raila claims that President William Ruto’s administration recognizes the potential of Jubilee and is actively poaching its members. He commended Jubilee for remaining resilient and stated that failure is not an option.

Raila cautioned that those attempting to dismantle Jubilee and align it with Kenya Kwanza will eventually realize they are being manipulated. He suggested that these politicians may not fully understand the intricate plot being orchestrated by their sponsors, and it will eventually consume them.

Raila further criticized the Kenya Kwanza government, considering it too shady to be embraced. He stated that his team has engaged in dialogue to secure a favorable outcome, emphasizing the questionable nature of an “imaginary handshake” with Kenya Kwanza.

Accusing President Ruto’s government of planning to remove the presidential term limit, Raila alleged that Kenya Kwanza is actively seeking to establish a broad political coalition to gain parliamentary strength and amend the constitution.


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