Jubilee Party Appoints Pauline Njoroge To Be The Deputy Organizing Secretary

Pauline Njoroge’s nomination as the Deputy Organizing Secretary of the Jubilee Party has generated excitement and intrigue among the citizens and netizens.

The party’s National Executive Committee made this significant appointment, showcasing their commitment to inclusivity and recognizing diverse talents within their ranks. Njoroge’s selection brings a fresh perspective and dynamic energy to the party, as she eagerly takes on her new role.

Having dedicated over seven years of service to the party, Njoroge has been actively involved in grassroots mobilization and possesses a profound understanding of the party’s organizational structures and strategies.

The position of Organizing Secretary holds great importance, as it entails coordinating and mobilizing party activities. As the newly appointed Deputy Organizing Secretary, Njoroge will contribute to the development of the Jubilee Party’s organizational framework. Her responsibilities will encompass efficient communication, event organization, and promoting grassroots participation.

This appointment sends a powerful message about women’s representation and youth engagement in political decision-making. By appointing a talented and youthful woman to a key position, the party aims to inspire aspiring leaders to actively participate in politics and shape the party’s future.


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