Governors Provide The State With 24 Hours To Release Sh94b

The national government has been given 24 hours by the Council of Governors (CoG) to transfer Sh94.35 billion that is owing to counties as of May 2.

The county executives bemoaned the fact that their debt situation was caused by the National Treasury’s refusal to disburse the postponed monies. The CoG has requested that the Office of The Controller of Budget expedite the approval processes for county requisitions within 24 hours, according to CoG Chairperson Anne Waiguru. “The CoG has engaged the Office of The Controller of Budget on the delayed approval of county requisitions to this effect,” she said.

To make it easier for counties to implement their budgets, we implore the Treasury to release the pending equitable share to counties as soon as possible. Regarding the contentious health functions, Waiguru claimed that a problem in devolved service implementation is undermining the advancements gained since devolution was implemented in 2013.

According to the Kenya Demographic and Health Survey, county administrations have seen praiseworthy developments over the past ten years, she pointed out. The Kirinyaga governor lamented the Ministry of Health’s rejection of their agreements at the same time.

We are concerned that the Ministry of Health and the Council of Governors have completely disregarded all negotiations and agreements, she said.

She also asked development partners not to support the national government at the same time.


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