Willis Raburu Flaunts New Body After Weight Loss Process

Media personality and Citizen TV host Willis Raburu has celebrated his weight loss journey after shedding 40 Kilograms.

Raburu on Thursday, 18 May shared on his social media handle that his weight loss progress started a year ago through a gastric bypass surgery. According to the post, Raburu had started off weighing 164Kgs all the way down to 124Kgs.

On his twitter, captioning his before and after photo, Raburu encouraged his followers to zero in on self care.

“Progress. Do what makes you happy. Invest in yourself more and more. You are worth it. You suffer alone and so you are the only one who knows. Celebrate yourself and take care of yourself. You only have one you.” He wrote.

Taking to his Instagram, he recounted on how his previous weight ripped him off of his confidence adding that other methods of weight loss including gym and black latte tea, did not bear him any fruits. He also explained that he wishes insurance companies paid up the procedure for Kenyans as it would be beneficial to so many.

“I remember when I thought about doing the gastric bypass surgery. It was intense, but I was suffering. My confidence was low, my pressure was high, I had tried gym but kept bouncing back and honestly the cost will make you think twice BUT I learned that it’s an investment in myself… Don’t be fooled by some ads about black latte tea or some powder!” He wrote.

“I wish insurance companies change their policy and help pay for this. Many should come out and help people get this surgery done. It’s life changing! Statistics show that children now are getting more and more obese. Folks let’s keep talking and learning. I’m available.”Raburu added.

Gastric bypass surgery is a type of weight loss surgery. During the surgery, your physician makes changes to your stomach and small intestine to change the way they absorb and digest food. Gastric bypass aids weight loss by: Restricting the amount of food that your stomach holds.


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